Our Mission of Spreading Hope, Peace & Strength Gives us The Ability to Serve our Global Community and Those in Need Here in the States.

Beyond Torn pages...

The Movement of Hope, Peace & Strength.

We have been blessed with the mission to inspire everyone's life with our story and the ability to give those we meet the gift of Hope, Peace & Strength. The story of Torn Pages began in a prison cell with Jay receiving the vision of how to start this movement with his handcrafted bracelets and the story that backs them. Now not only are we able to spread the message, but we give other's the tools to join the movement with our unique gifts and the encouragement to take one's skin off and tell their story of how Hope, Peace & Strength impacted their lives.

Providing Aid For Villages in Africa.

  The concept of Hope, Peace & Strength is a Universal Language, and we have our eyes set on a global impact. With this vision we have partnered with local communities in Uganda and are currently supporting 42 Women and 121 Children across 3 villages by directly working with them in the production of our jewelry. Our impact on their lives has given them hope, especially with many of the issues international businesses faced during the 2020 Covid Crisis. With our minds tuned to the spirit of being stewards of creation, we are already setting in place collaborating with other International Aid Organizations whose mission is to improve the Quality of Life of those living in Third World Countries.

Giving Support to Men & Women Coming Out of Prison.

   Jay Gardner, the Founder of Torn Pages, was deeply impacted by the 20 years he served in the Georgia Prison System. When released all he was provided with was a $35 check and a bus ticket, and is deeply blessed to be able to make his life what it is now. However, many others are not as fortunate and over 40% of those released from prison return within the first year of being reintroduced to the general public. Recidivism is a major issue in our society and we want to leave a positive impact on the lives of those returning to us so they can be a positive impact on society at large.

Helping Global Sustainability With 100% Recycled Paper.

  What we do with our waste directly impacts others in our world. We are committed to doing our part by pledging to the Cause of Sustainability with our 100% Recycled Paper Bracelets. We Hope to inspire others to imagine up other innovative ways to upcycle materials and resources by seeing and feeling the concept of our jewelry.

We Can't Thank you Enough For Supporting Our Mission.