From the beginning. it's been part of Jay’s vision to help prisoners transition back into society. Many prisoners are discharged with nothing more than $35 and a bus ticket. Building a new life on that basis is a brutal challenge that often turns out poorly. Recidivism hurts everyone.


All sales of Torn Pages jewelry go directly into supporting the great work of multiple organizations we have partnered with and also directly to released prisoners who are ready to for a new way of life by providing assistance with food, clothing, shelter, transportation services, and employment services.

our partners

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Coweta FORCE exists to provide recovery support services in the community for individuals and family members impacted by addiction.

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Real life center

Our mission is to walk with those who are hurting in Fayette and Coweta counties by providing a safe environment, sharing the love of Christ, and promoting long-term change.

This mission is accomplished through an innovative process of holistic care. This holistic care includes a strategy of caring for each person physically, emotionally, relationally, financially, mentally and spiritually.

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House of Grace is a residential housing program for men that provides a safe, supportive, quiet and clean living environment to help bridge the gap between the hopelessness of homelessness to a fulfilling and stable life.

Within the residence our clients are provided with structured support and counseling for mental healing and addiction to strengthen and restore themselves while involving them with their communities and rebuilding the connections lost with their family.