From the inception of Torn Pages our primary mission has been to spread the message of Hope, Peace & Strength. Starting in a prison cell, Jay's soul was touched and he felt the pain and struggles of everyone around him. It was at that moment he realized his life mission was to spread this message and deliver the gift to as many people as he can, one life at a time. Our outreach doesn't stop there. Keep scrolling to find out more about how we provide aide to villages in Africa, use 100% recycled paper, and help men and women coming out of prison.

All sales of Torn Pages jewelry go directly into supporting our missions, the great work of our partner organizations, and finding new ways to maximize our impact on the world as a whole.


We are here to bring a change, we are here to stay, and we want YOU to join the movement.




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OUR 4 pillars


A Unique Gift with a Radiant Message

Our primary mission is to pass on the gift of Hope, Peace & Strength to others going through lives Torn Pages.


Support 2nd Chances for Prisoner Re-Entry

Within the first year over 40% of those released are going to return. We positively impact those wanting a better life.


Direct Economic Aid for Developing Nations

We have partnered with 3 villages in Uganda to help with making our bracelets and provide aide through our partners.


Giving Non-Profits a Gift for Those They Serve

We partner with other non-profits to help them in serving those they serve with the gift of Hope, Peace & Strength and Volunteering.


Camp Grace

Transforming the lives of urban underserved children and youth through grace with overnight camps. Getting our kids out of the city environment for extended overnight stays and showing them unconditional love and speaking into their lives is transforming our urban kids. We are starting to break the cycle of poverty, crime, teen pregnancy and the high school drop out rate.

Coweta Force Logo.webp

Coweta Force

Coweta FORCE exists to provide recovery support services in the community for individuals and family members impacted by addiction. They help with further education, securing employment and many other necessary life skills.

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Real Life Center

Our mission is to walk with those who are hurting in Fayette and Coweta counties by providing a safe environment, sharing the love of Christ, and promoting long-term change. This mission is accomplished through an innovative process of holistic care. This holistic care includes a strategy of caring for each person physically, emotionally, relationally, financially, mentally and spiritually.

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Empowering Men & Women on the Move

Empowering Men and Women on the Move for Re-Entry, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit supportive housing program that service men and women who are returning from the penal system.