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The hope begins here.

Impacting the world ,empowering lives, with a message of hope & strength by crafting jewelry made from torn pieces of recycled paper

The Wearer  We look to connect the lives of the buyer, the receiver and the giver.

The Maker.  We provide opportunities in third world countries to the makers of our jewelry with well paid reliable work.

The Prisoner  We look to support the lives of those being discharged from prison by donating Torn Pages proceeds to ministries that serve prisoners transiting back into society

The Supporter  We off opportunities to help all of us begin the hope and healing of the Torn Pages in our lives.

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 Jay Gardner spent 20 years in prison. Impressed by the jewelry the inmates made from torn pieces off old paper. Jay begin to connect the torn paper to the torn lives of the wearers. Inspired to change and help others heal there torn pages, still incarcerated Jay penned over two hundred stories and was the recipient of the Salt Shaker Award, presented over the air waves of Atlanta's 104.7 the Fish for making a difference outside his cell. Free today Jay is dedicated to help others shake off life's shackles and repair the Torn Pages.

Torn Pages is about hope and redemption.  Our jewelry made from torn pages is a tangible,wearable reminder of the way God transforms lives.



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